More than ever before we have an array of boards available for us to choose from.  From modern day performance boards such as the Sci Fi to the classic Mini Simmons.  Thanks to information available online alternate boards are making an old school revival.  When Simon Anderson was credited for designing a ‘prototype’ thruster in 1980, the surfing world gravitated towards the thruster design as the go to board.  It was the design that was winning contests, so it became the design that everybody wanted.  Most other designs were relegated underground.  However, thanks to the internet and social media, we’re able to follow a variety of surfers and what they’re riding.  Even competitive surfers are riding alternate boards when not competing to rediscover fun in the water.  Shapers are also experimenting with classic shapes by incorporating a modern element.  They’ve identified the need for the modern surfer to above all have fun in the water.  We’ll have a look at a several old school boards designed to maximise exactly that.

The Single Fin:

Clayton Surfboard's Single Fin

The clue’s in the name, it has a single fin.  Best for trimming down the line using a pendulum style more than pumping to generate speed.  The grandfather of style ensures smooth arcing turns.  Perfect for longer waves that allow you the time to establish a connection and utilise a more glide orientated style of surfing.

 The Twin Fin:

Clayton Surfboard's Twinny

Twin Fins are generally very manoeuvrable.  One fin will act as a pivot while the other spins around it.  Not having a centre fin also makes it quicker down the line than a thruster.  Twin Fins also after a more skatey feel to your surfing.  What you do sacrifice though is control when when the waves start packing a little more punch.

The Fish:

Clayton Surfboard's Retro Fish

Fish surfboards are generally stable and fast in smaller waves.  They are shorter, wider and thicker offering more volume in a shorter board.  Very little rocker ensures fast down the line speed.  An exaggerated swallowtail increases the boards ability to carve allowing bite and grip for manoeuvring on a wave.

The modern performance shortboard is the most widely surfed board for good reason, it generates high performance surfing like no other.  Fun however is a relative quantity and surfing is all about having fun, so whatever you decide to have under your feet make sure it’s putting a smile on your face.

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