Pulled the trigger and managed to get our hands on the new Go Pro Karma.  It’s actually for a job we secured in the Seychelles, but that’s for another time.  For now I’m enjoying getting used to the controls while flying over J Bay.  Go Pro have gone out of their way to make flying the Karma as easy as possible.  The joystick controller works similar to a video game controller and the 4 on board autonomous modes are easy enough to navigate.  The only negatives worth mentioning are the lack of sensors and relatively short battery life.  15-20 min is not a lot of time when you’re hovering over water trying to capture epic surf footage.  When I’m flying the drone I generally concentrate on the screen, so I’m not looking at the drone or potential hazards nearby.  I tend to fly over open spaces, so obstacles have not been an issue yet, but it would be a nice safety feature to have sensors like the DJI Mavic.  For my intended purposes, it’s an awesome bit of kit and I’m looking forward to getting some footage of the upcoming winter swell, and of course the Seychelles is going to be pretty awesome.


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